Faithful Families

Want to create sacred moments for your family without adding “one more thing”? Wishing you could help your children on their spiritual journey but unclear where to start? This is the book for you! With Faithful Families, you will learn to:

  • connect faith to your family’s everyday life
  • add family faith moments into your daily routine
  • learn new spiritual practices alongside your children
  • teach your children to appreciate religious diversity with time-tested non-Christian and Christian spiritual practices
  • respond to life’s everyday challenges and opportunities with meaningful practices











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Dave Csinos, founder of Faith Forward writes:

“This book is a must-have for any family wishing to live as faithful disciples of Jesus. Traci Smith has created a gold mine of resources, ideas, and practices that invite children, teens, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, houseguests, pets—everyone who makes up all kinds of families—to actively form one another in authentic Christian faith. Get this book for your family. Give it to families in your faith community. Drop copies of it from an airplane. It’s sure to have an impact on all who use it.”

What you will learn by reading Faithful Families:

Some of the major obstacles to incorporating Faith Practices at home are:

  • Lack of time (How would I fit it in to my family’s very busy schedule?)
  • Lack of expertise (How would I know what to do?)
  • Not knowing where to start

Faithful Families addresses each of these concerns. Practices are simple, and contain step-by-step instructions, as well as materials lists. Each practice also contains variations to accommodate different family situations as well as notes to guarantee success.

Some of the practices include

  • Bedtime Blessing
  • Morning Inspiration
  • Christmas & Easter Traditions
  • Birthday Traditions
  • Ceremonies for the First Day of School and Getting a Driver’s License
  • Coping with anxiety, death, and illness
  • Alternative ways to pray such as prayer beads and a prayer walk
  • Ancient spiritual practices like lectio divina and the labyrinth
  • Practices that encourage hospitality and compassion

And many more! There are over 50 practices in all.

Who should read it?

Faithful Families is ideal for

  • Busy parents who want to create sacred moments with their families
  • Grandparents who are eager to pass on their faith to their grandchildren
  • Children’s Ministry Leaders and Sunday School Teachers who want to equip and empower parents to incorporate faith at home all week long
  • Clergy who are looking to learn new ideas that will reach families and children

Mark Yaconelli, author of The Gift of Hard Things and Contemplative Youth  Ministry writes:

 “In a culture that has become isolating, technological, fractious, and cold, Traci Smith has given us a survival kit of practices to help families stay close to what is sacred, meaningful, intimate, and alive. Faithful Families will not only help parents nurture the souls of their children, it will keep them sane within the chaotic forces of 21st century family life.”

Take a look inside! (Click to Enlarge)

Table of Contents:

Sample Practice – Tradition  (Gratitude Cafe, Morning)

Sample Practice – Ceremony (After the Death of a Pet – St. Francis Service)














Sample Practice – Spiritual Practice (Silence – Listening Car Ride)









Faithful Families is a perfect gift!

Give at baptisms, new members, parents of church-run preschools and baby showers. Write a special note on the dedication page:

There are also special pages in the back to write your own notes, ideas, and family traditions. Write your own family (or church) traditions in the back to customize!












About The Author:  Traci Smith loves helping families find ways to practice faith at home through creative practices. She is an ordained minister in the PC(USA) and mother to Clayton (5), Samuel (4) and Marina Lynn (infant). Traci has a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and Bachelors of Arts (Spanish) and Social Work from Calvin College. Traci lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, Elias, and their children.

If you’re ready to start incorporating easy and meaningful Faith Practices into your life with little or no preparation, get Faithful Families today and see the positive difference it makes in your family’s life as well as those in your congregations.