Family Lenten Practices Calendar

** NOTE: This is the lenten practices calendar for 2015. The 2016 version is available for $2.00 HERELENTENPRACTICESCALENDAR2015

So excited to share this family Lenten Practices calendar! (PDF HERE)  Each day there is either a prayer [P], service/almsgiving [S] or fasting [F] activity. The activities aren’t terribly time consuming and can be adapted for a variety of different ages. On prayer days, a word is given that can be a prompt for a prayer (either written or drawn). On fasting days, simple things are abstained from for a day to give the experience of sacrificing something to focus on God. On service days, a simple service activity is featured.

Looking for a simple daily devotional for adults? I wrote one available for purchase from Chalice Press!

Pastors and educators, please feel free to download this calendar and include it in your newsletter or bulletin. Happy Lent!

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  • sue

    Great ideas,!

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    I love this idea!

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  • Glenys Nellist

    What a wonderful Lenten tool for families Traci. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am sharing it on my Children’s Ministry Facebook page. Blessings!

  • Thanx for sharing this i’m going to share with my children and friends. God bless you!

  • I like it…. But we don’t fast on Sundays, so I’d make those ask prayer specific days or days to do a devotion as a family….
    Otherwise, awesome.

  • thinkinclusive

    This is fantastic! Very simple and easy to use. Looking forward to it.

  • Just wanted to let you know that the discipleship team at my church (Sandy Springs United Methodist) has circulated this to our church families for their Lenten devotions. Thanks for this great resource!

  • Ælephant

    Sundays in Lent are not fasting days… 46 days of Lent with 40 days of fasting…

  • Gertrude McCormick Reed

    Thanks for sharing; very inspirational and encouraging 😊

  • Julie Hettinger

    Loved this last year…. have you created 2016 yet?