Faithful Families Resources

Here you’ll find links to resources referenced in Faithful Families as well as other books, blogs and faith at home resources I hope you’ll find helpful as you create sacred moments at home!

Materials to complement the practices in Faithful Families 

We’ll start out with links to the specific practices in the book. At the end, you’ll find links to general products that I think are great to have around and that many of the practices use. Refer to the Table of Contents in Faithful Families.

Part 1 – Traditions 

BedtimeMarking the Days God Has Given: Classic star stickers or giant sized star stickers for tiny hands

Morning – Prepare for the Day to ComeIn Faithful Families I recommend a laminating machine for this and other practices. Totally optional, but this is one that I’ve used in the past and it’s fairly economical for home use. You can also have things laminated at an office supply store such as Office Depot or Staples.

Dinner – Grace MealsIf you like to cook or are interested in exploring the idea of mealtime traditions, I recommend the books Dinner: A Love Story and How to Celebrate Everything by Jenny Rosenstrach

Marking the Passage of Time – Color Your Year: Here’s an Etsy listing with tablecloths that can be ordered in all of the colors I suggest.

Celebrating Sabbath – THIS post has a lot of links to useful short Sabbath ideas. Sabbath Notecards can be downloaded for free HERE 

Epiphany – Star Words – LINK TBA – FREE

Lent – The Three Pillars of Lent – Use the three Lenten practices listed in Faithful Families, or purchase the Lenten Family Practices Calendar from my Etsy shop. There’s a new one each year!

Easter – Witnessing Resurrection – This is the butterfly kit that I recommend using for this practice. We’ve used it with great success.

Easter – Have a Sunrise Family Breakfast – A formal reading of the John Scripture is in the NRSV and a more kid friendly CEV reading is also appropriate.

Pentecost – Harness the Power of the Wind – Here’s a lovely red kite that could be used year after year for this.

Thanksgiving – Gratitude Tree – Easy template download for the ornaments can be purchased HERE for $2.00

Advent – Advent Wreath – The book suggests using simply votive candles, a pillar candle and a plate. You could also buy a complete set to use year after year. I think THIS one is lovely! Also, Jerusalem Greer has a beautiful one with instructions on how to make it HERE.

Advent – Acts of Kindness Calendar – Ornaments can be purchased HERE.

Part 2 – Ceremonies

Traumatic Current Event – Here’s a link to the type of faux feathers I’m talking about in that practice. Download a PDF of the bird template HERE. TBD!!

Separating from Family After a Visit – Flying Wish Paper can be purchased HERE or HERE See a video on how it works HERE.

Part 3 – Spiritual Practices 

Photo Prayers with Baby – The practice in Faithful Families suggests simply printing a few photos and using those every night as prayers. For those who are crafty, though, I thought THIS was an interesting tutorial on how to make your own board book. Also you could have one made through a service like PINHOLE PRESS. (Kind of pricey, but would hold up nicely…)

Matchbox Prayers – I don’t know many people that have match boxes around anymore, frankly. Here’s a link to buying some in bulk.

Prayer Beads – One could go crazy finding awesome beads to use for prayer beads. It’s hard to provide a link to just one, but here are some simple assortments ranging from the inexpensive and kid friendly plastic beads to the more mature and funky glass beads for older children and teens.

Prayer Flags – These ten inch fabric squares could easily be cut in two for two 5×10 inch squares as suggested. I think fabric markers are a good choice for detail and fabric paint is a lot of fun.

Labyrinth – Chinet paper plates like these work well. (You probably don’t need 100 of them, though! They have them at the grocery store, usually.) Puff paint like this is required for this one, too, because of the raised surface it creates. Download a PDF of the labyrinth here. TBD!!

Surprise – Two resources for seeded paper are Botanical Paperworks and Davita also available on Amazon.

Tolerance – HERE is a poster about the Golden Rule across the world’s religions as well as a coloring sheet that can be used for the practice.

Cell Phone Prayer – Here’s a link to another fantastic use of cell phones in a new way from Reformed Worship. I tried this in my congregation and had good luck with it!


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links which means that if you purchase the product from my link, I receive a small commission for referring you. Yay! I never recommend products I don’t love or have personal experience with. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.  Please also let me know if any of these links stop working or if you have a negative experience with any of the products linked.