Faithful Families Study Guide: 4 Week Guide — FREE!

You’ve asked for it, and here it is!

Children and Family Ministers have been asking me for months for a study guide for Faithful Families, and it’s finally HERE!

Faithful Families is not a book that lends itself to traditional study because it’s a book of practices that are meant to be, well, practiced. I’ve been mulling around a format for a book study that would be meaningful and I’m thrilled at the result! This four week study identifies four values that are woven through Faithful Families and uses them as a framework for discussion. Each lesson features an article (that is free, and online) as well as a Bible passage. Suggested practices from Faithful Families are outlined each week and also used in the closing prayer practice. The four sessions are:

  • Faithful Families Value #1: Embrace the Messiness and Imperfection of Life
  • Faithful Families Value #2: Fight Against Consumerism and Materialism
  • Faithful Families Value #3: Prioritize Time Together
  • Faithful Families Value #4: Value Mystery and Accept Doubt

The four sessions are designed to be about an hour each, but the entire study could be adapted to one afternoon or evening workshop. Download, study, and distribute widely!

Please get in touch with questions or concerns. I’ll do my best to respond personally as I’m able!

HERE’S THE LINK to the study! So excited!